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A Little History...

  “A Passion For Analog” is much more than just a slogan. 

It is more of a way of life. 

We have nothing against digital recording. It has its place and properly  handled, it is a fabulous medium. 

But, it is NOT what WE do.  

As far as we are concerned, there is NOTHING like the sound of analog, especially sound that is recorded on tape!

You have to go back to 1965, when Analog Audio Inc President/Owner, Leslie Brooks  purchased his first audio tape recorder, and discovered his life-long  passion for analog sound. 

In particular music recorded at 15ips on 1/4" tape, considered the ultimate medium for the reproduction of recorded sound.

At Analog Audio Inc., our goal is to be 

Your Top Choice in Professional Reel to Reel Recording Supplies

Visit our store for the following products and much more...

  • Splicing Tape - to fix breaks, attach leader and edit your tapes.
  • Leader Tape – to protect and mark the beginnings and ends of your tapes.
  • Recording Tape – to record your favorite sound.
  • Reels – both metal & plastic in various sizes.


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